Healthcare Business Consulting with Dr. Katherine Knight

Business & Organizational Coaching

Are you a heathcare or medical practice owner who would like to boost your management skills, or improve your company’s organization, productivity or revenue?

Maybe you’ve just gotten a promotion and want guidance to help you fill your role.

Or you’ve reached a plateau in your career and want to take it to the next level.

Perhaps you need outside guidance for a big change within your organization. 

A business and organizational coach prepares you for those career-amplifying leaps and empowers you to maximize your leadership role. 

What is Business and Organizational Coaching?

A business coach helps you work through many matters that complicate your business role, whether you’re a completely new or seasoned leader.

Before you take on a management or ownership role, a coach can help you:

  • Define your career path and promotion strategy
  • Identify and move past or personal hindrances to your desired role
  • Expand your network with other professionals in your industry
  • Improve your leadership and management skills
  • Enhance your curriculum vitae to align with your desired position

Once you advance in your career, your coach helps you lay the groundwork to:

  • Identify new objectives and pathways to meet them
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance 
  • Improve employee communication, productivity, and retention
  • Create and implement effective organizational systems  
  • Handle mistakes, conflicts, and other difficult matters
  • Improve your company’s bottom line

With my unique expertise, I’m able to address not only the practical side of managing a business but also the more peronal and psychological sides. 

Business coaching is not therapy.  However, as a licensed psychologist, I have a unique professional background that can help me identify areas in your life where self-doubt, daily stressors, or past experiences may be holding you back.  I can often provide simple, straightforward tips to helping you past your obsticals.  And, sometimes, understanding our roadblocks to success is the key to working through them.

I can help you manage your doubts, questions, stresses, and defeats. I can help you discover and build on your strengths and provide a mental boost during our coaching sessions. 

How does business and organizational coaching work?

We start with a short, initial phone call so I can hear more about your career path and what needs you have. From our call, I’ll give you an honest assessment of if and how I believe I can help you.

After we decide to move forward together, we’ll set up a coaching schedule that works for your individual needs. I offer both one-time coaching for specific concerns and ongoing coaching for more comprehensive support. From there, we can schedule coaching on a weekly, monthly, or as needed/check-in basis.

Coaching looks different for everyone because your position, experience, and needs are different. I provide direction from wherever you are right now, moving forward.

Consulting provides many benefits you’d miss out on if you tried to make headway on your own.  

How does a business and organizational coach benefit me?

A coach can empower you to reach beyond what you think is possible. 

I can help you achieve progress faster and more easily than you might on your own with real, actionable advice. 

We tackle the struggles that might keep you from going after your pursuits or giving up somewhere along the way. What once may have seemed difficult becomes achievable when you have seasoned support by your side.

I can also help you avoid costly mistakes, fill in knowledge gaps you may have, and give you a motivational boost when you need it. We can work on anything from enhancing your leadership abilities to improving your company culture.

I provide trusted support, backed by extensive experience as business owner and manager, to help you see your career ambitions through to reality.

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