Healthcare Business Consulting with Dr. Katherine Knight

Group Practice Management Consulting

Are you looking for guidance to start a group practice or transition from a solo to a group practice? 

Perhaps you have a vision for a group practice in mind but are unsure how to execute that vision.

Or you already run a solo practice and want to expand into a group practice but aren’t sure what that involves.

Maybe you already run a group practice but aren’t profiting as much as you’d like.

You probably feel like you could use some expert guidance to boost your results.

You wish you had someone with extensive experience to ask questions, get feedback, point you in the right direction, and provide valuable resources.

What is group practice management consulting?

As a group practice management consultant, I have an extensive background launching, managing, transitioning, and expanding health-related practices. My mission is to help your business achieve its fullest potential, faster and easier than you might on your own.

I help you find direction for every aspect of business from the building the concept through the expansion stages: 

Concept your business:

  • Develop your business concept into a solid business plan
  • Identify your target market
  • Define your goals and how to execute them
  • Set up a fee schedule
  • Define company culture

Launch your business:

  • Plan and implement a budget
  • Make plans for your physical office location
  • Choose an employment model (W2 vs. contract employees)
  • Hire and manage personnel
  • Implement a marketing plan, including your online presence
  • Choose and customize an appropriate electronic health records (EHS) system

Manage everyday operations:

  • Preserve company culture
  • Implement a scheduling system for clients and support staff
  • Handle contracts and client intake processes
  • Network with other industry professionals
  • Conflict resolution with clients and staff
  • Establish a healthy work/life balance
  • General troubleshooting
  • Manage legal red tape and client paperwork requirements
  • Stay on top of regulatory requirements and changes
  • Risk management

Expand or transition your business

Whenever you encounter obstacles or uncertainty in your business, I provide the tools and support you need to press onward. 

Choose one-time or ongoing consultations for your needs

Business management consulting is for those who aspire to open, manage, or expand an integrative or multi-disciplinary group practice. If you want advice for one specific issue or ongoing support for your business, I offer consulting services personalized to your needs. 

I consider it a privilege to help counselors, therapists, integrative practitioners, medical practitioners, and other healing professionals make their business goals a reality. I have expansive knowledge to share about various aspects of business from my own entrepreneurial background as a group practice owner/manager. 

The most rewarding part of my work is helping providers find innovative ways to resolve challenges that seem insurmountable. My mission is to help you find success in your business.  

What are the benefits of working with a group practice business consultant?

When you start a business, you likely have several goals including reaching more people and increasing or stabilizing income. 

Many factors influence those goals, from where your business is located to who you hire.You need to make sure you take the right steps for your business to reach its full potential. 

As your consultant, I help you reach your goals using the most effective methods. These services include:

  • Holding you accountable for taking action on your goals
  • Helping you avoid costly mistakes and oversights
  • Offering fresh and objective perspectives on your business concerns
  • Providing insider insight from someone from experience running several successful businesses
  • Helping you overcome unproductive habits, mindset patterns, and interfering obstacles  

Starting a group practice is more than just practical business strategies. It also involves mental, emotional, and relational considerations, some that you might not expect. A consultant addresses all aspects of the process so you don’t get stuck.

If you don’t know where to start, 

the details of running a successful group practice overwhelm or stress you, 

or you lack experience in certain areas…

Business consulting may be exactly what you need. 

Get support now before another day passes on your aspirations of owning your own group practice.

Schedule a consultation

If you want to learn more about group practice consulting and business coaching, email or call today to discuss your needs. On our first call, we’ll briefly go over your business goals, concerns, and struggles. Based on our conversation, I’ll let you know if I believe I am the best person to help you.

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