Healthcare Business Consulting with Dr. Katherine Knight

Private Practice Management Consulting: Transition/Expansion

Are you considering an expansion or major transition of your medical or healing practice?

Maybe you have plans to expand from a solo practice to a group practice but aren’t sure what that process entails.  Or perhaps you have a group practice and would like to build it into an integrative practice, but you’re hitting regulatory speedbumps along the way as you try to incorporate new provider types. 

Or maybe you’d like to change the entire focus of your practice, but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing so.

You might even be considering the purchase of an existing business, but you’re not sure how to transition ownership to take over and make it successful.

You want someone to help you strategize and implement your business plans in the most effective way.

If so, you’re in the right place.

Practice management consulting provides you with expert guidance to expand or transition your practice Are you opening or considering opening your own private healthcare practice?  Or, do you have a solo practice set up, but you’re feeling bogged down by administrative work and marketing?effectively.

How does practice management consulting make my business plans a reality?

With an extensive background in practice management and business consulting, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through those big changes in your business.I’ve founded, run, expanded, and transitioned health-based practices throughout my career and I have insider knowledge on how to handle every aspect of the process to build the business you envision.Some of the biggest concerns you might face along the way include things like maintaining financial stability and staff satisfaction, managing pressure from investors, and keeping things organized and efficient for staff and clients.  I am here to support you through those challenges with firsthand knowledge.During our consulting sessions, I will help you through every stage of the process, which might include the following:

  • Determine the time and investment involved so you can create a formal transition plan
  • Handle communication about the changes with staff, clients, investors and referral sources
  • Minimize stress for staff, providers, and clients during the transition
  • Stay organized and focused even when the process feels chaotic
  • Minimize the impact of the transition on client care and customer service
  • Maintain company culture, and provider satisfaction
  • Manage expectations with all involved to avoid destabilizing pitfalls
  • Reconfigure goals, budgets, and office space to accommodate changes

We work through the major issues and minor interruptions to see your plans through to completion.I’m here to guide you when you encounter obstacles or unknowns along the way.

What does business consulting look like?

Practice management consulting looks different for everyone. We all have different personalities and run different businesses, which means this service works best when it is personalized. 

At the very beginning, we start with a quick discovery call where I find out a little bit about you and your business goals and struggles. After our conversation, I’ll let you know if and how I think I can help you. From there, we can make an arrangement for future sessions. 

I offer both one-time and ongoing business consulting, based on your need. If you only need brief assistance to navigate one specific concern, I can help with that. If you’re looking for a more long-term partnership, I’m available for that as well. We can meet regularly when the pace warrants frequent check-ins or on a weekly or monthly basis as things stabilize. 

I meet you where you are, whether you’re building a new practice from scratch, purchasing an existing business, or you’re in the final stages of an expansion or transition. 

Practice management consulting looks like an individualized treatment plan for your business.

What are the benefits of hiring a practice management consultant?

A practice management consultant helps you bring your business ideas to fruition.

If you’ve been considering an expansion for a while, consulting helps you bring your ideas into reality. 

Our sessions give life to your ideas by creating a concrete, step by step plan to meet your goals and manage contingencies.  

If you really want to expand your business or make big change, we make it happen together.

A consultant makes the process easier and faster

With insider knowledge and a wealth of resources, I help accelerate the process of building or expanding your business. 

I can help you overcome the roadblocks that slow you down and avoid the top obstacles that disrupt your progress.

  • Where you may have quit on your own, I give you the tools to succeed.
  • Where you tend to stall, I offer strategies to move ahead.
  • Where you move too fast or too slow, I offer grounded advice to maintain a realistic and effective pace.
  • Where you lack experience, I provide insight and expertise.

Changing your business structure can be challenging on many levels.  Effective business consulting can help make those changes more manageable.

Consulting gives you an outsider’s objective perspective

Sometimes you’re just too close to your own projects to see the solutions.

That’s when a fresh outsider’s perspective comes in handy. 

I can give you that unique viewpoint to help you see what you didn’t see before. 

Are you ready?

Take the first step toward your new business model. 

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